Felt weak as fuck today. Not sure why. 8 x 3 @ 72.5%. Sumo again. Felt kinda weird this week compared to last weeks session. Just all round weird feeling really. Leant way to far forward on these as well.

8 sets of 3 at 72.5 % again.

Still trying to get deeper on my squat. Adjusting head, elbow and bar position.

Need to go wider with my grip…

Bench… 8 sets of 3 reps at 72.5%.

Pretty happy with my form and speed tonight.

Shoulder press. 85%, 8 sets of 5 reps. Much happier with my form this week. Still need to work on keeping my core tighter on this lift.

Again at 65%, 8 x 5.

Been looking into ways to get lower without losing stability.

I started lowering my head during the movement which has automatically put me lower at the bottom.

Good start but still have a few CM’s to go.

Bench earlier this week. I fucken eloesed it and made my phone film sideways hahaha.

Inverted Juggernaut continues with 8 sets of 5 reps at 65%.

My current bench day looks like this:

Jumps (push up jump variations / Bench (J) / BOR (J) / Incline DB 5x15 / Fly’s 5x15 / 2 x Tricep Exercises

Platform pulls. Roughly two plates high. Working on my strength out of the bottom. Again at 75% AMAP. This is my second last set.

Still need to get my shoulders further back at the bottom.

Top of my 10th set tonight. Again at 75% AMAP.

Trying to get my elbows closer. Still not where I need to be.